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Exantas greece - experiences in greece

Experiences in Greece for Special Interests Groups

Photography experiences

Explore Greece through your lens and engage yourself in an unforgettable trip with the support and guidance of a Greek highly professional photographer. Take the opportunity to discover untouched sites of astonishing natural beauty by selecting from a list of carefully designed photo tours or tailor-made itineraries around the country.

photography experiences - exantas greece

Youth & Educational tourism experiences

We offer the opportunity to schools, universities and other educational foundations, of organized summer experiences that combine studies with social activities and local travel experiences for student groups and their lecturers.

Mindfulness and Wellbeing Experiences

Discover the benefits of mindfulness for your physical and mental health through a variety of exercise sessions and workshops, which include yoga techniques, meditation and training methods in close proximity with nature. Enrich your knowledge paths by engaging yourself in a journey based on ancient philosophy principles and methods of learning under the guidance of our experts.

photography experiences - exantas greece

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