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This is a specially designed series of travelling photographic workshops, which have been conceived and organized by photographer Demetris Koilalous and have been based on the idea of experiencing places through thematic or travel photography.

Zigzag is a common habit for the documentary and the storyteller photographer who moves back and forth seeing, experiencing and photographing.

The zigzag Workshops offer a wonderful opportunity to visit extraordinary places in Greece off peak season, to make exceptional and unique destination combinations and get introduced to special feasts and traditional customs and practices, unknown to the broad public -even amongst Greeks- and often hard to know and follow -since many are very local or they take place on a rolling basis.

The zigzag Workshops are aimed at introducing the participants to a hidden facet of Greece. Sometimes it is just secret and undisclosed, however quite often it also refers to a vanishing world, witnessed in the fading customs and the threatened landscape.

At the same time, they are also aimed at introducing and advancing photographic practices and techniques, answer -but also pose- questions, discuss photographic issues, and explore the world of photography.

Through a well -and long- established practice, the photographer first of all sets the historic, geographic and social framework of the specific workshop and then, at the beginning of each photographic outing, introduces various theoretical issues and technical aspects and relates them to the specific journey or the specific daytrip. Throughout the expedition the photographer supervises and discusses practical issues. At the end of each session, technical and practical problems are reviewed -often over dinner or a glass of wine in local restaurants and tavernas! – and later at the end of each session a selection of photographs is discussed further.

The zigzag Workshops are designed to introduce the participants to different photographic genres: Travel photography, documentary photography (and storytelling) and fine art photography. Every journey is based on different specifics and emphasis is placed on different aspects of the photographic practice.

So, there is always one that fits your style and your taste best!

Demetris Koilalous has been practicing photographic workshops for more than 15 years, specializing on landscape photography and portrait photography, on documentary photography and photographic storytelling. The approach followed by the photographer is practical and at the same time theoretical, offering to the participants not only practical and technical tips but also introducing the participants to different aesthetic approaches, to theoretical issues and to the dialogue about photography.

Demetres Koilarous

Credits by Demetris Koilalous & George Tsafos

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