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Demetris Koilalous

Demetres Koilarous

Demetris Koilalous

I was born in Athens and worked as a freelance photographer since 1990, specializing in portrait and theater photography. I have worked with many public and private organizations, central and local government agencies, museums and theaters.

My works have been published in many Greek magazines and newspapers.

Since 2004, I have been teaching photography in private and public institutions including the Adult Education Programs of the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation.

In 2005 I founded Sympligada Photography team. I have recently begun collaborating with Exantasgreece.

My work is hosted in private collections in the collection of the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, as well as in solo and group exhibitions in Greek and international festivals and galleries.

In July 2018, KEHRER Verlag, Heildeberg Berlin published my photographic album “Caesura – The duration of a sigh”. In June 2019 the work “Lebanon-Anti-Paradise was exhibited in Paris in the context of the Biennale des photographes du monde arabe.

In September 2019 the work of Caesura was exhibited in Lisbon.

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