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Daizie Giannopoulou

Daizie Giannopoulou

Daizie Giannopoulou

My name is Daizie Giannopoulou.

I was born and raised in Greece.

I studied photography and public relations and worked in many companies like IBM, Gallaher and various advertising agencies.

My last working experience in Greece was at the Athens University of Economics & Business (AUEB) where – in addition to being a graduate program manager – I specialized in organizing big events, such as conferences, celebrations and graduations.

In February 2004 I moved with my family to Vienna. Since then, I learned the German language, raised my son, and started teaching Greek to people who love Greece and wanted to learn the language.

I am a wedding organizer for couples in Vienna and those who want to marry in Greece, but they do not speak the language, are not familiar with the local procedures and as a result they don’t know where to start, how to deal with bureaucracy, and how to manage every little detail.

Organizing events has always been my dream job.

It inspires me, makes me feel happy and fulfilled. I love to communicate and surprise people by creating a “wow” effect.

It’s always exciting searching the market and discovering clever and innovative ideas around wedding ceremonies that leave you with an unforgettable experiences feeling.

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